Family Sits Completely Dead Son in Chair Playing Video Game at His Funeral!

Posted by Oh Hell No! 
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Who would do this to their son? What a horrible thing to do to the hot completely dead black stud who was murdered a few weeks earlier! People in New Orleans have no respect for their deceased family members! Please DON'T ever do this to a loved one! Pobrecito! RIP+++ And "Shame" on the family (especially the mother!) for doing this! There must be some law against abusing a corpse like this? Isn't there?
Once again: Just goes to show NlGGERS are just savage animals . . .Savages, just like Maxine Waters . .
How disrespectful! And how could the funeral home agree to display the dead boy in this manner? They should lose their license for doing this to the body all for money!!!
They have been doing this in Puerto Rico for years.
The whole funeral process is weird. The dead are often dressed and made up to look better than they probably ever did in life especially if they were ill for many years. They end up looking better dead than alive. Why does the family agree to give them a sometimes unrecognizable makeover and then comment on how good they look?

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