Finally Progressive Dem-ocrats Introduce Bill To Abolish ICE! YES!!!

Posted by Si Se Puede! 
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ICE has become very abusive and no longer represents the values and morals of America! They went way too far with the recent separation of innocent children from their mothers! ICE must be abolished ASAP and replaced with an agency that helps new immigrants seek housing and jobs here in America and providing an education for their children which is REQUIRED by the Constitution of the United States! No child deserves to be placed in a cage! It's illegal and cruel! Any parent would be arrested if they treated their children the way ICE is torturing incarcerated innocent children in these horrific concentration camps not seen since Nazi Germany! Abolish it now! Si Se Puede!!!

banned word is "dem-ocrats"$%&-introduce-bill-abolish-ice/story?id=56537797
Ice agents aren't at the border you dumbass.
GREAT NEWS! Feeling pressured, Rep-ublicans WILL be forced into voting on this bill! Rep-ublicans know that the American people are outraged by the cruel treatment of children over the past several months committed by ICE and have no option but to put the bill to a vote or be seen as the evil racist that they are! Now we'll get to see which Rep-ublicans dare vote against this popular bill that the American public DEMANDS be passed to END ICE once and for all! Finally we're starting to take America back from the racist right wing party!!!!

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