Why do all of the models wear baseballs caps during the sex scenes?

Posted by LiL Kim 
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I mean who wears a fucking baseball cap during sex unless you are at the park cruising - seriously do they think that is going to make the scene hotter only because the porn actors are wearing a baseball cap to make them look so called "STR8" or Americanized- cuz newsflash IT DOESN'T it actually makes them look stupid!!!
oops I meant baseball caps- but you all get the point!!
Maybe it's a attempt to make them look younger than they already are? Or perhaps they're balding prematurely and simply want to cover up a bald spot.
LMFAO I was thinking the same exact thing-they look so stupid
Because they are following their generation's style, which involves getting tattoos, wearing basketball shorts and baseball caps everywhere, and smoking pot.
Yes, it is a question of style. It makes them look casual, not too bothered about having to do the actual fucking. It’s usually the tops who keep their caps on, isn’t it? Bottoms, if they leave any clothes on, are more likely to leave their underpants or socks on - to send a different message - to show that they’re so keen to be fucked they haven’t time to get properly undressed.
All you have to do is observe the crowds of millennials lining up on La Brea or Fairfax to buy baseball caps that costs hundreds of dollars, or observe the trend of leaving labels and stickers on baseball caps of sports teams, and you can see that it is an obsession with fitting in, an ignorance of etiquette, and people acting like lemmings.
or observe the trend of leaving labels and stickers on baseball caps of sports teams

^ I hate guys who do that! Makes me want to grab the caps off their heads and peel that fuck'n sticker off! What's the purpose of doing it? And as for caps during sex, I once was with a guy who didn't take off his cap when we had sex until I pulled it off. I asked him afterwards why he wanted it on during sex and he said he wasn't even aware he was wearing it after he stripped down naked! So perhaps the same thing is happening to these models? Simple oversight?
Yes, they probably wear them in the shower too.

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