LOL! Rep-ublicans Going Nuts Over George Lopez Pretending to Pee on @#$%&'s Hollywood Star!

Posted by Si Se Puede! 
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Gotta love our fellow Latino George Lopez! He's a great comedian who has the Rep-ublicans hysterical over his "pretending" to pee on Tru-mp's star! Some even want him arrested! LOL! For what, emptying out a bottle of water! LOL!

Banned word "tru-mp"

Well the ONE thing Mexicans like Mr. Lopez are good at is "cleaning" white folks dirt! How kind of him to "clean" our Pres-ident's Hollywood star with purified water that it deserves! I only hope that Mr. Lopez isn't criticized by the wacky Li-beral environmentalists like Gov. Brown for "wasting" good clean water during this time of extreme drought! Again, Thank You George for helping to keep Mr. Tru-mp's star shining bright like the Pre-sident himself! Bravo!

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