Why is BiLatinmen's art so political?

Posted by ArtDude 
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I came across some art from BiLatinmen online and found it so hot that I made an account to see more of it (despite the slow updates to the art section). I began to notice though that whoever is drawing the art has a HUGE political chip on their shoulder and can't seem to draw a damn thing without mentioning safe spaces, communism, @#$%& @#$%&, CNN, @#$%&, and other shit that's pretty big in America's political scene. It's not sexy at all and really makes it seem like the site's art section is for cringey political porn and not images of Bi Latin dudes fucking around (which the past photos depicted)

So what's up? Any reason the site lets this shit go on? Is there no other artist they can get? At this point whatever appeal the dude's style had is lost to the political b.s they keep trying to shove down people's throats.
ask the moderator....
July Fly
Re: Why is BiLatinmen's art so political?
July 12, 2018 10:22AM
Great question ArtDude!

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