Nooo! It's True Gurlz! Justin Beiber is Engaged to be Married to Hailey Baldwin! So Sad!!!

Posted by Muy Triste! 
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It's true chicas! Our Justin is now committed into marrying that Hailey Baldwin! WHYYYYY? I'm sure everyone here is as shocked as I am by this horrific news! We still haven't gotten over the marriage of Prince Harry and now this! Very tough being a young gay male today! But let's not lose hope! Things can change between the two and hopefully Justin will realize that he's making a BIG mistake! I hate to have to bring you this BAD NEWS but it needed to be done! Hang in there! We must stick together in these difficult days!
Once I found out this chicks father is Steven Baldwin all i can see is him now lol. Not good para la Justin!
Does she know that Justin is actually a 36 year old lesbian?
He had to get married sooner or later......and it probably had to be a model.....not really a big surprise there......we'll see how he does with a big step like this........there will probably be so much more to come on him......right?
ever hear the term 'lavender marriage' there you go....
He'll probably beat her up within a year into their "marriage" and she'll file for divorce. This relationship is a "done" and over deal! They along with the Baldwin family are desperate for media attention and think that they can be the next "Kardashians!" <------- That ain't ever gonna happen! LOL!
He looks like a Britney train wreck.
Just as I predicted, Justin got UGLY AS SIN! Holy fuck!

Nick Jonas recently married and he’ll get fucking ugly too. Puke!
What do you say Gurlz? I say this "marriage" won't last a year!
When I see pics of these 2 they look like a lesbo couple.

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