Ruth Ginsburg can't hold on much longer

Posted by Isaac 
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Ruth Ginsburg can't hold on much longer
July 09, 2018 06:48PM
She's soon to retire giving the Presi-dent another supreme court pick.If she was smart she would have retired when Oba-ma was in office.But no,she thought Hil-lary would win but she lost.It's not a good time to be a demo-crat.
Yo Digo
Re: Ruth Ginsburg can't hold on much longer
July 10, 2018 12:32AM
^Yes, I do not understand why Ms. Ginsburg didn't retire early during the Ob-ama administration so that he could have nominated a li-beral judge. Now she MUST stay the course until the 2020 election and pray that she can hold on until then! Our (the Dem-ocrats) ONLY hope is that Tru-mp's nomination is NOT confirmed before this coming November's midterm election and the Dem-ocrats can take back the House or at least the senate! If Dem-ocrats take back the senate no way it's majority leader (who would be a Dem-ocrat) would ever allow ANY Tr-ump nominee to ever be voted on until AFTER the 2020 election! And "if" a Dem-ocrat wins the 2020 Pre-sidential election and holds on to the senate, then the new Dem-ocrat @#$%& will be able to select a @#$%& judge which would tip the Supreme Ct. to the Left because surely the Dem-ocrat senate majority would automatically confirm the new pres-ident's selection! So all hope is NOT lost fellow Dem-ocrats! The Rep-ublican party is currently divided and they ONLY hold a 51-49 advantage! We just need 2 Rep-ubican senators to join fellow Dem-ocrats in voting "NO" to Tru-mp's selection which many now believe is a "done deal." Besides, @#$%&McCain has been so ill he may not be even able to vote and "if" he does it's very likely he will vote with the Dem-ocrats! Keep Hope Alive! Anything is possible!
Ghost of Honest Abe
Re: Ruth Ginsburg can't hold on much longer
July 10, 2018 01:01AM
Don't worry fellow Americans, the reason I nominated judge Ginsburg to the Supreme Ct. I did so knowing she would last forever. She outlast me and she too will outlast everyone on this message board and country! God Bless America!
Spike N A Wheelchair
Re: Ruth Ginsburg can't hold on much longer
July 10, 2018 09:29PM
Isn't the cow close to 100 years old with health problems? The Angel of Death is waiting for her outside of the courtroom.
Just Wondering?
Re: Ruth Ginsburg can't hold on much longer
July 11, 2018 12:07AM
Didn't the Chica used to a star on that old t.v. series "The Beverly Hillbillies?" Anyways, it's way past her bedtime and she really should retire and try to enjoy what's left of her life! So sad to see politicians and Justices of the SCOTUS stay working well into their 80's! Don't they want to spend some of their golden years with their "beloved" families? She and John McCain really need to call it quits! Pobrecita!!!

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