Tonight it will be Presi-dent Don-ald Tru-mp nominating a second supreme court justice and not Hil-lary Clin-ton

Posted by Isaac 
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And thank God for that.The constitution will be preserved for decades to come.
No matter who he selects, it's not a done deal that all conservative senators are going to vote for him! I confidently predict that a new SCOTUS justice will NOT be confirmed until after the midterm election this November where the Rep-ublicans are sure to lose the senate! I'll even go out on the limb and predict that it'll be a Dem-ocrat presi-dent that will have nominated his choice after the 2020 pres-idential election! Get used to the SCOTUS being split 4-4 for the next 2 years until the senate confirms a lib-eral judge! You heard it here first!
CNN is reporting that Tru-mp's nominee is anti-gay and anti-abortion! Does that mean that both will be banned if this man is confirmed??? What will happen to same sex couples that are currently married? Will their marriages be "Null and void?" And will women who have had abortions be prosecuted for murder? Maybe it's time to pack it up and move to Canada!!!!
thank GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY the hildebeast IS NOT and NEVER WILL BE P O T U S! whew!!! damn near lost the

nation to the kenyan-born muslim, imagine that c u n t in office!!!
Many of the Rep-ublicans in the senate don't have the balls to vote for this racist anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-lib-eral Trum-p nominee judge to the Supreme Ct.! NO Tru-mp nominee will EVER be confirmed! It will be the Dem-ocrat pres-ident in 2020 who will have his/her Supreme Ct. nominee confirmed which WILL swing the court to the lib-eral side! YES!!!
I agree.
You are delusional.Kavanaugh will most definitely be confirmed.
You are delusional.Kavanaugh will most definitely be confirmed.

^No way! The "dirt" on Kavanaugh is already starting to come out! Today we learned of the horrific financial debt trouble he is in! How can you trust a man to serve on the Supreme Ct. who can't even manage his own finances? Makes you wonder "who" he may owe money to (perhaps Tru-mp) who could easily "blackmail" him into ruling on a court case in their favor! Tr-ump might as well start selecting his next nominee so we can "dismiss" that judge too! LOL!
Yeah okay whatever you say.I expect him to be confirmed by October maybe even before.They also said Gorsuch would not be confirmed.

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