Why is No One Talking About the 12 Boys Completely Stuck In Thailand Cave?

Posted by Just Juan-dering? 
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I'm sure some of these boys must be gay and are loving being "trapped" in the cave with their soccer teammates and 25yr old hot coach now that the danger is over and they're just waiting to be led out. When I was 12 I would have loved to have been trapped somewhere with my MALE teammates! Lucky vatos!

What a stupid fucking coach! To take these kids into a long meandering cave with a river running through it in the monsoon season (the torrential rain season) was criminally stupid. Of course they’d get trapped. Once they’re all out, which might only be in two months time, he should be severely disciplined.
Perhaps the coach had "other" intentions for wanting to take a group of 12 year old males deep into caves away from civilization and social media? I hope they do a complete background check on the guy to make sure he's not a PEDO! No adult male wants to be alone with a group of 12 year old brats!
!2 year old boys like to jerk off and cum a lot (ask me how I know). In a dark cave for 2 weeks I bet the cave walls will be splattered with cum and the other boys will be best of and lifelong friends and partners afterwards. When they get out it will be easy to distinguish the bottoms from the tops. In videos some are seen smiling so its hard to tell which are bottoms or tops. The 25 yr old coach may have introduced some to same sex satisfaction but he will be penalized (penile-zed) for it.
Who cares about those fuckin' scumbag picaninny nigglets . . .
I pray for the safety of those boys! They face incredible danger if they're going to have to scuba out of there! How can anyone talk about them in a sexual way? Some of you guys disgust me!
You should all be pleased to hear that 4 of the boys have been rescued and they’ll try to get out more on Monday morning. Yo is right. There’s a time and a place for silly jokes with sexual innuendoes. Not now not here. The remaining boys’ lives are still at risk!
I have not been following closely so I have a few questions. How did they get in so deep? Did the cave sink or something? Why was the coach one of the first ones to be rescued? Seems like he should have been last lol
They went in so deep because of their dumbass 25 year old coach led them into that potential death trap! He needs to be held accountable for the death of one of the Navy Seal rescuers and endangering the lives of the children who were entrusted to him! I hope he goes to prison for a very long time and his cellmates go "deep" inside him! Anyways, he wasn't the first one rescued! That would have been totally unacceptable! He was rescued in the last group. They are all now totally safe while that poor Navy Seal is COMPLETELY Dead! RIP+++
The boys and coach have been rescued.
Unfortunately, one rescuer lost his life.
Here’s an article that explains why the team were in the cave: https://metro.co.uk/2018/07/09/thai-boys-cave-found-7694829/

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