What’s Worse in a Restroom: Stench or Air Freshener?

Posted by LatinoBottom 
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What’s Worse in a Restroom: Stench or Air Freshener?
July 02, 2018 06:44AM
When you walk into a restroom when the smell is obvious that someone recently took a dump in the toilet, which smells worse?

Stench (smell of shit/ass)


Bad air freshener cover-up
I'd say the mixture of the 2 smells! The worse is "Rose" scented air fresheners which makes crap smell like scented roses! YUCK!
Both combined. Ha ha!
Rose-scented crap is a cover-up. This is like putting cologne on top of an unbathed body… also like applying lipstick on top of bad breath! Ha ha!
Re: What’s Worse in a Restroom: Stench or Air Freshener?
July 03, 2018 06:45AM
NlGGER stench is the WORST
This racist bitch is still here? Does she ever leave this shitty board? Why is she obsessed with C0rchís & blacks?
When I walk into a restroom, I don’t want to smell an air freshener that is having a difficult time escaping the room.
The stench of Cοrchis' Guatemalan menstrual fluid is WORSE . . .
What are some good air fresheners that are pleasant to breathe in?
anonymous when she waddles in there.....
Both are disgusting to smell, but I mean, it’s a restroom. It’s literally a room made for urination and defecation, so what do you expect it to smell like?

Your best bet is to walk in, do your business and quickly leave. You can’t really blame awful smells where they clearly belong.
If humans already know that restrooms will naturally have unpleasant odors, why do some restrooms lack ventilation? Some restrooms do not have a window or air conditioning. No bueno.
Here's a great product that actually works. You spray the product into the toilet bowl before taking a shit and it there wont be any stench afterwards...

^ Wow! It looked like a joke. If they work like no joke, then I would like to try the “Ship Happens” flavor.
I was a bit skeptical about it at first,but the spray actually works well...
Ladies, there's a perfectly good evolutionary reason why our shit stinks which is to AVOID coming into direct contact with it. Shit can be filled with nasty bacteria that can make us very sick as most things that stink. The bad smell serves as a "repellent" to us so that we avoid the source. It's the same reason rotting flesh or corpses stink too. It's most important when it comes to the foods we eat. Spoiled food such as meat, milk, fruits and veggies likewise can make us sick so their rotting smell helps us to avoid eating or drinking food that has spoiled and can potentially make us sick if ingested. So remember, anything that stinks horribly (such as our shit) serves a very good purpose!
All you bareback tops should read that reality check ^

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